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We wish you and your family abundant joy and health in the Year of the Pig!

How are you ringing in the holidays? For us at My China Roots, some are feasting with the village clans that raised us, while others are celebrating in China for the very first time.

Join us online as we share memorable #CNY stories, traditions, and dishes throughout the holiday!
We help you:
Trace your ancestry
Put your roots in context
Travel to your ancestral village!
Dear Madam/Sir at Mission Genealogy Club,
Happy Cultural Diversity Day!
Since 2002 and in response to growing xenophobia and intolerance around the world, the 21st of May has been the UNESCO’s World Cultural Diversity Day for Dialogue and Development. At My China Roots, we strongly believe that being a better citizen of the world means coming to terms with our origins, and understanding that our differences are also what connect us.

Come and celebrate your heritage with us today, and visit www.mychinaroots.com
So what’s new at My China Roots?
We’re expanding!
Imagine if you were able to step into your ancestors’ shoes for a day: eat their food, speak their language, wage their wars… At My China Roots, we are currently developing a new, interactive and dynamic online platform that will bring you closer to your ancestors like never before, all from the comfort of your own home! We have been receiving considerable fundraising interest and are currently in talks with investors and developers to help make this dream a reality. For more information or to get involved, contact huihanlie@mychinaroots.com
MCR's Journey to South and Central America
Over the past few months, one of our project officers, Clotilde Yap, travelled to Peru, Cuba, Jamaica and the US to research local Chinese communities. Giving introductory workshops on Chinese genealogy and participating in key conferences about the Chinese diaspora, Clotilde was able to connect with various institutions, academics and enthusiasts alike. Visit the My China Roots blog to read about her experiences in Peru, Cuba and Jamaica: http://www.mychinaroots.com/blog/ 
Do you speak Spanish? Read about her trips to Peru in local Sino-Peruvian magazines Integracion, Revista Oriental and in regional newspaper UNDiario. To view a snippet of one of her workshops on How to Read your Jiapu, click here.
My China Roots in the news        
Read the latest news and media articles featuring us and the work we do:
'How do you start searching for a family in a country of 1.3 billion? At a time when family tree business is more booming than ever, Dutch entrepreneur Huihan Lie runs the first-ever professional genealogy service business for overseas people of Chinese descent.' Read Pioneering in China’s Family Tree Business in online magazine What’s on Weibo
'In southeast China, long-held memories, stories, and even properties still await those who’ve gone abroad to seek their fortunes. Join the descendants of these overseas Chinese as they return in search of the ancestral keys to their family history.' Read the in-depth report by magazine World of Chinese here: Roots and Remembrances.
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