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Our May meeting will

be held on THURSDAY, MAY 16TH AT 1 P.M. in the LLC meeting room at 32444 Seventh Ave.

May 12th is Mother's Day and with that theme in mind we are asking members to bring the story of a mother from their family research to share.  Perhaps you could practice your writing skills using some of the guidelines presented at the last meeting.


Hot off the press from Judy Teague...

There is a great new Facebook page called the Genealogy Squad. Members need to join Facebook , then search at the top blue box for the Genealogy Squad, join and open themselves to a huge network of people answering and asking questions with some professional genealogists input. It’s been up for 3 days and already has over 6000 members. Great information here, no question is stupid, lots of help.

  Visit our website frequently for updates.

... and be sure to check our our "Archives" tab for past events and activities, and check out our "Seminars / Education" tab for information which you may use in your genealogy pursuits.


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