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Dear Madam/ Sir at Mission Genealogy Club,

Greetings from My China Roots, the leading genealogy company for overseas Chinese around the globe! A lot has happened in the past year and we are thrilled to give you an update on some of the things that have been happening on our end.
New website
Our new website is up and running! Complete with added client testimonials, an introduction film, an extensive blog, a film page for programs featuring My China Roots, and a fresh, new look! see
Expanded team & field research capabilities
In order to service the ever-growing demand from people wanting to connect with their roots, we considerably expanded our team of local researchers. The fact that we have numerous eyes and ears on the ground across China makes us truly unique. Would you like to know more about the people who would visit your ancestral village to look for family history books/jiapus, clan halls, and ancestral graves, interview distant family members, and capture everything with audio-visual recordings? Take a look at
Planned services and My China Roots' market survey
Our mission is to make as many people -across the world- feel connected with their roots as possible. Some big questions in this respect are: How can we give people the tools to conduct their own research in a way that is clear, easy, and affordable, while keeping it personal and intimate? And how can we make best use of the internet, both as a means of communication and a base of knowledge?
We are designing a truly innovative online platform that deals with these questions and consists of two key elements:
  1. A guided, online "detective game" through which overseas Chinese conduct their own roots research in English, in a manner that is engaging, informative and fun.
  2. Private Family History Webpages, where people can preserve, expand and share their research findings, containing extensive and interactive family history timelines.

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