Mission Genealogy Club


 where friends meet to explore and strengthen family and community roots together.

Experience the thrill of uncovering your lineage and family history.


Mission genealogists have been getting together for more than 20 years.  Our aim is to promote the active pursuit of family research in the community so that we ALL gain a better understanding of our community, our heritage, and ourselves.  We support each other by sharing our combined ideas and research knowledge.  WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN OUR FAMILY

Mission Genealogy Club meets on the 4th Thursday of each month (except December, July and August) in the Mission Library located at 33247 - 2nd Avenue in Mission, British Columbia.

Members are discussing meeting times for the next year.  Suggestion is that during the darker months of Standard Time we will meet at 12:30 pm, and the brighter months of Daylight Time, we would meet in the evening at 7 pm.  So, we're going to give it a try...after our July and August break, we will return in September and October with meetings at 7 p.m., and switch to mid-day meetings in November until March, when we will return to evenings. 

Please refer to information in the MGC Events tab for meeting times.


Yearly Memberships:

The Mission Genealogy Club welcomes new members at any time.  MGC members are available to assist in your genealogical research and welcome dialogue leading to the development of techniques and access to research resources.  To join our family, please come and visit us at our next regular meeting in the Mission Library as noted above.

Current annual membership fee is only $15.

At this website, you are our guest.

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